Eternal Technologies

Eternal Technologies

Operating in China and incorporated in Nevada, the company offers embryo-transfer services, large-scale improvement of livestock quality, and the development of agricultural and medical  products.

Concord Camera LENS

About LENS two weeks ago in a post briefly discussing my basic thesis on the stock.


The company is aware of this, and is attempting to enter other markets via the manufacture and marketing of, for instance, personal security equipment .


I just don’t think it’s a very great product. And if you disagree, I don’t think these things would ever sell to more than the overly paranoid soccer mom market.

Value Investor

The company can manufacture all the new widgets it wants. None of this matters all that much because LENS is, to me, an asset play! horizon with the reduced burn.

Spot Investing Frauds, Scams, Ponzi Schemes, and Other Rip Offs

These are a few telltale signs of ripoffs and garbage that simply isn’t worth your time or money.

Short period of time

There is simply no method that yields huge returns which is not extraordinarily risky and leveraged.

Investment Advisor

A really simple way to spot something that might be shady is to check seller has registered with the SEC.

Success Stories

If an investment advice peddler is charging for services, be sure to get or ask for a track record.

Lack of a free trial

If someone is offering a “system” or regular newsletter for investing success.

Money back

I’m honestly a bit conflicted on this point, but here’s what I think. On one hand.

Check the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is a great resource for consumers .

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Work at Home Internet Job

If there’s any one thing that’s considered vital to any work at home Internet job, then that would be vision. A work at home Internet job, or any other, whether it is in the conventional job market or any one of a number of home-based ventures, requires only one thing  vision. Vision helps you see the whole portrait as it should be seen  balanced, controlled, and proportionate. While focus is also just important, it has the tendency to see only one aspect of the whole. But don’t get this wrong.

Focus is also important for you to succeed in your chosen work at home Internet job. And as long as you don’t lose sight of vision, focus is not a bad thing. In a work at home Internet job, there are several things you need to take into account if you want your road to success to remain stable and strong. Here is a list of these things: Objectives When you’re just starting in your work at home Internet job, consider your goal, both short-term and long-term, your target date in accomplishing those goals, and your overall objectives.

Ask yourself the following questions: Why do I want to go into business? Where do I want to be in three months time, in six months, in a year? What will it take for me to get there? And last but not the least, Do I believe in what I’m selling?  It is very important that you believe in your own product. This gives you the necessary foundation on which you base the rest of your work at home Internet job goals on. Knowledge Base Basically, your knowledge base outlines how well you know the subject of your work at home Internet job.

Are you familiar with anything and everything that pertains to the products and services you are offering? Remember that you will represent these products and services you offer and it is important that you at least familiarize yourself with all the nooks, hooks, and what-have-you. Also, try to ask yourself: Do I have immediate access to training materials and technical support if I need it? Do I know where to get the materials and training? Do your research. This would help you do better represent the product you offer as your work at home Internet job.

Using your Resources Knowing which resources are available to you is the key to good management. A good manager not only knows the strengths and weaknesses of his people, but also his own strong points and areas needing improvement. In order to be successful at your work at home Internet job, you need to look at yourself and assess your capabilities as objectively as you can.

Internet Marketer – Working From Home Online

Working From Home Online as an Internet Marketer Unfortunately many think of the internet as a place where it is possible to make a lot of money really fast. I was guilty of that as well when I first started out. I believe that is why only a few of those who set out to make money online as internet marketers, actually do make good money and why there is a tendency to give up after just a few months if the money doesn’t come right away. To succeed working online from home, I think it is important to adapt the right mindset – otherwise it will just be too overwhelming and frustrating with all the information and too good to be true-offers out there.

Internet marketing is not a quick and easy money making machine it is a business like any other business. To succeed online we need to take the time to learn new skills that are necessary such as how to set up a simple webpage, search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, the different ways to get traffic to your website etc. It may feel a little bit overwhelming at first, but we do need to learn these skills and implement them to have success as an internet marketer. The good news is that we only need to learn these skills once  once we’ve learned them, we can implement them over and over again.

Learning new skills and establishing our business takes time and hard work  as with any other new business. Internet businesses are no different. The best way to get started as an internet marketer in my opinion is to find a good how to make money online-program and stick to it! Too many people spend $27 or more on a program just to give up and move on to the next one, or give up for good, if there’s no money right away.

To find a good program, spend some time researching. Don’t jump too fast into the first program you find. What works for others may not work for you, so make sure you find a program that is suited for you. Most good programs usually offer something valuable for free first. If the program you are looking into gives you free and helpful information that actually does help you in one way or another, it is a good indication that the program is a good one to buy. Just remember to stick with it for a while and not disregard it right away  it does take time to make money online.

Petroleum Engineering – The Quest to Find and Recover more Oil

Petroleum is basically crude oil or fossil fuel, a naturally-occurring liquid that is found on certain geological formations underneath the earth’s surface. This crude oil is a result of thousands of years of organic dead organisms, often algae and zooplanktons that have been buried, heated and crushed under immense pressure underneath sedimentary rocks. Crude oil is referred to as ‘black gold’ as its value in our modern day world makes it a valuable commodity for any country that is rich in oil and has massive production of this very valuable liquid.

The truth is that crude oil is very important in this modern day era. In fact, petroleum is so valuable for the survival of any country that any oil crisis that leads to the ceasing of its delivery to non-petroleum producing countries can lead to a lot of product inflation. The very reason why product prices will surge up is because the low supply of petrol means that there will be increased demand over it leading to its price increase. Since many products get delivered by cargo ships, trucks, container vans, and other form of vehicles that uses petrol for engine propulsion, the high price in petrol means that product owners and distributors will have to make up for the high price of gas by increasing the prices of their good and commodities.

These days, almost everybody knows just how important petroleum is and how we cannot survive without it as of yet. Currently, oil-rich countries that are major players and producers of oil are slowly starting to deplete their wells and reservoirs. The world’s oil is slowly being depleted as our insatiable appetite for petrol has become even more intense.

Countries in the Middle East along with Canada are known to be the world’s top player in the oil industry. Government assigned and controlled petroleum companies try to seek other means to find and gather oil so that they can fully tap on the reserves that they have. Different technological advancements on how crude oil is mined and obtained have helped in maximizing its production. Many petroleum engineering companies Calgary has have become more adept in taking this challenge. Allocations of different teams concerning analysis, evaluation, assessment, drilling, recovery, and refinement of crude oil has advanced significantly as compared to the days when men were only starting to unravel the usefulness of crude oil.

The petroleum industry is a cutthroat market where different petrol companies try to outdo, outsmart, and beat their competition in their own game. Through the assistance of better and more qualified petroleum engineers along with more state-of-the-art oil drilling and recovery tools and equipment, any site or area identified to have rich oil reservoir can now be tapped to its full potential, avoiding any wastage and damage to the environment.

Behind the Sheetrock

Plenty of folks are calling it a bargain, and some are itching to keep buying, but to temper myself I took a more in depth look at the company to get a feel for what it’s worth.